General Instructions: Advantage & How to use No Touch Infrared thermometer

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The advantage of using an infrared thermometer
Temperatures detected by classical thermometers (oral and axillary) are generally reliable, however measuring these temperatures, especially in children under the age of 4 and the elderly, is often difficult as they are invasive methods and require patient immobility. Otherwise, temperature measurements by these methods are not accurate or reliable enough to use in situations where body temperature will determine drug treatment.  For these reasons, an infrared thermometer represents a valid measurement tool, as many studies have shown how the rapidity of measurement allows to obtain temperatures in an immediate, accurate and contactless way.
While it is particularly difficult to measure temperature in children, measuring temperature in adults can also be a challenge.  Not infrequently, nurses comment that the temperature readings are at odds with what they would have expected based on clinical evaluation.  This research suggests that when these discrepancies occur, nurses should perhaps consider taking the temperature again, using another method of measurement instead of simply considering the first reading as an unusual result, and the non touch infrared thermometer is the solution to these problems.
On the other hand, measurements using infrared thermometers can undergo alterations in the presence of exposure to the sun, in very hot or very cold environments, therefore it is necessary to keep in mind that although it is easy and immediate to measure the temperature with a infrared thermometer, each measurement must be performed with caution, professionalism and in optimal conditions.
To ensure the accuracy of a non-contact infrared thermometer, it is recommended that it be used on the forehead, and can be used on patients from 1 month of age;  this guarantees absolutely precise measurements.  However, the infrared thermometer tends to overestimate the temperature of febrile children and underestimate the temperature of febrile patients if the above precautions are not followed.
The infrared thermometer represents a powerful means of temperature control for all poor and developing countries that do not have access to expensive instruments and that require frequent disinfection, such as oral and axillary thermometers.  In fact, the infrared thermometer is a high-tech device for measuring temperature, offers reliable results, but costs little and does not need to be disinfected frequently as it takes measurements without contact with the patient.
How to use the infrared thermometer to measure fever 
The correct distance
Infrared thermometers are very simple to use, but it is important to respect the correct distance to obtain a reliable result.  The distance depends on the optical coefficient of the device, that is the ratio between the distance of the sensor and the diameter of the surface of which the thermometer measures the average temperature. Normally the ratio is 3:1, so the thermometer must be used at a distance of 15 cm from the point to be measured.
Accuracy of the detected temperature
The measured temperature is not always the real one.  It is important to distinguish between the technical accuracy with which the thermometer detects the temperature and the clinical reliability of the specific measurement method.  In detail:
  • Accuracy: In order to ensure the quality of the device, modern high-quality thermometers measure with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 ° C.
  • Reliability: Technical precision and reliability are not to be confused. To evaluate this second aspect it is in fact necessary to always keep in mind that the temperature of the human body varies according to its position and the time of measurement.  This is due to physiological factors and must be distinguished from the malfunction of the thermometer.  The accuracy of the measurement depends mainly on the correct use of the thermometer.
Prevention and control against Covid19
Among the prevention measures recommended to manage the health emergency caused by the new Coronavirus, there is the control of body temperature before entering the workplace through the use of infrared thermometers, as they are portable instruments to measure the remote temperature, which can be purchased at low cost and which offer greater hygiene guarantees, are less invasive and faster than traditional ones.  To correctly detect a potential infected by covid19, the right distance between the thermometer and the area of ​​the body whose thermal level is to be measured is fundamental for the accuracy of the detected temperature;  in fact, the farther you are from the subject to be monitored, the less is the amount of thermal radiation collected and analyzed by the thermometer, because the thermal dispersion increases with the distance, therefore to detect the temperature correctly in this phase of the pandemic, it is advisable to ask at a shorter distance than usual, ranging from 1 to 5 cm.  In this way the risk of an underestimated detection is significantly lowered, thus guaranteeing a higher level of security.
If the forehead, neck and wrist are the surfaces indicated for measuring the temperature, it would be advisable to set up a protected area, allowing the subject to acclimate for a few minutes to the environment in which the measurement takes place.  Furthermore, bearing in mind that symptomatic subjects or symptomatic pauci may not have the symptom of fever, the utmost attention must always be paid during the phases of measuring the subjects’ temperature; in addition, it is necessary to remember that a correct and effective measurement procedure must always be adopted, capable of guaranteeing reliable results, even if it actually requires quite long times.
Sinocare Infrared Thermometer, a good choice for professional and home usage
If you are searching for a good infrared thermometer, Sinocare offers various models suitable for home and professional use. So, if you need to take care of your own family or your patients, one of these thermometers is surely the best choice for you.
Sinocare No-Touch Forehead Thermometer R1D1
This Medical Digital Infrared Thermometer offers a high accurate reading, it’s fast and reliable to use. Thanks to the infrared technology, it can none-touch measure your body temperature in 1-3 seconds. Taking your forehead temperature with this forehead thermometer is as simple as pressing a single button. Freely switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, the default is Fahrenheit.
The high-resolution LED display, and one-key operation, you can easily take your temperature at night & day, without touching your baby, and the fever warning indicator immediately lets you know is fever has been detected. The thermometer will store the last 32 temperature readings and it’s possible to recall them at any time.
Sinocare Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer
This Digital Thermometer count over an advanced infrared sensor and a complete calibration process, to offer a very accurate and reliable temperature measurement comparable to one taken from the oral site with a regular digital thermometer.
It can record the last 20 readings when entering the Memory Tracker recall mode, and the forehead thermometer has three buttons, where the right button can switch between Fahrenheit (℉) and Celsius (℃) unit; the left button can switch between human body and food temperature measurement; the front button is the measurement button. Non-contact mode provides safe and hygienic measurement in only 3 sec, and it can be operated even when the baby is sleeping.

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