Diabetes Care

The first Diabetes Foundation in Mainland China

Time: 2020-08-16 

Sinocare Diabetes Foundation was founded on Jan. 11th, 2019. It is the non-public funds and charitable organization initiated by Shaobo Li, Xiaohua Cai, Xinyi Li and Sinocare Inc. and approved by Department of Civil Affairs of Hunan Province.




TENET: To adhere to the national constitution, laws, regulations and policies, advocate social morality, care about people with diabetes and pro2019-08-21mote the healthcare.  

MISSION: To help people with diabetes live a healthy and happy life through diabetic education and innovation.

VISION: To become a credible and sustainable diabetic public service organization.



Charitable Projects:

1.For People with Diabetes:

Set up the project-- ‘Nurturing Kids’ to help kids with Type 1 diabetes; Subsidize Type 1 diabetics and provide newly diagnosed patients with ‘The Bag of Love’ which includes general diabetes knowledge manual ect. ; Organize ‘Caring Summer Camp’; Carry out ‘Sinocare Salon’ which specializes in care for diabetics all over the country to help them understand diabetes and learn how to prevent and manage it.

2.For Doctors:

Carry out the project--‘Supporting Doctors’ to help doctors build capacity. Corporate with well-known medical institutions home and abroad to improve clinic diagnosis and research ability on diabetes of primary doctors.


3.For School:

Set up the project-- ‘Caring Students’ for schools to help teachers and students understand Type 1 diabetes scientifically and create a loving and caring atmosphere for Type 1 diabetes at school.


4.For Society:

Offer quality education about managing diabetes and spread awareness on the prevention and treatment of diabetes.