Affiliate Program


We're excited to extend an exclusive invitation to you to join the Sinocare Affiliate Program.

As a leading brand in the healthcare industry, we want to push our Sinocare brand further. So we launched this affiliate program with a great profit margin and deep passion.

Ready to go? Click here (ShareASale) or here (GoAFFpro).

What You Will Get

By joining our affiliate network, you will get lots of benefits and opportunities, such as:


You can earn as much as 8% of the commission from every conversion. Because we use ShareASale/GoAFFpro as the AFF platform, you can get returned credits based on the long-time cookie setting. Meanwhile, the estimated conversions rate exceeds 2%, higher than the average.

Free Product

Once becoming our approved affiliate partner, you can get a set of products (usually a glucose monitor & strips) for free. Like Roche and Freestyle, Sinocare has been developing the best diabetes products for over 20 years. It will become part of your healthy life.

Brand Engagement

Affiliate marketing is not all money: you can get more involved by joining our branding team (social media or editorial team). Being a Sinocare ambassador or writer makes extra money as well as (millions of) user engagement opportunities. Interested? Email us now.

How to Get Started

To join our affiliate network is easy. Here are the steps:

1. Fill out our AFF program

Fill out our AFF program here (or here for GoAFFpro). If you don't have a ShareASale account, register it here for free. As a famous affiliate marketing network provider, ShareASale is trusted by countless KOLs and companies.

2. Form data assessment

After receiving your application on ShareASale/GoAFFpro, our marketing team will assess your information and target audience. If everything is fine, we will approve your application.

3. Approval & Brand IP Authorization

When we approve the affiliate relationship, you get the official authorization to use our branding resources (including but not limited to the Sinocare logo, business names, domain names, licensed media resources, and any other intellectual property) automatically.

4. Product Testing (Optional)

If you deliver content based on objective user experience, feel free to test our product first. We can send you our glucose monitor for first-hand use. So everything is real: the product, the opinion, the data, and the feeling. Contact us for product testing.

5. Content Sharing

After getting familiar with Sinocare and the products, you can share your idea based on your personal experience and preferred platform. Don't forget to attach the links from the affiliate system. Otherwise, you may not get the commission from later conversions.

6. Sales Conversion & Commission Harvest

When you publish your content (video, blog, gallery, or whatever), your audience discovers it and gets engaged. Every time they buy from your link, you get a commission based on the order value and preset rate.

Want More? Be our Brand Ambassador/Medical Writer!

Don't just play with your audience. Come to our user group!

In our Facebook EU group, you can:

  • Exchange your sugar control target with our users;
  • Share the big discount information with everyone;
  • Make and enjoy stories behind the diabetes community;
  • Enjoy communication at all levels

In our editorial group, you can:

  • Share your professional knowledge with millions of diabetics readers;
  • Keep in line with the medical editorial specialists' circle;
  • Get recognized as an influential leader through helpful nutrition tips, sugar control suggestions, and so on;

If you are interested in joining, contact us now.

Contact Us

Together, let's positively impact health and well-being while earning income. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our affiliate support team at