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Sinocare has 21-year experience in BGM(Blood Glucose Monitor)industry since its foundation in 2002. It is the biggest BGM manufacturing facility company in Asia and the first listed blood glucose meter company in China, dedicated to the innovation of biosensor technology, development, manufacturing, and marketing of rapid diagnostic testing products. In 2016, after the successful acquisition of Nipro diagnostic Inc. (now renamed  Trividia Health Inc.) and PTS Diagnostics Inc., Sinocare had become the world's No.5 largest blood glucose meter manufacturer and one of the leading companies in the POCT industry in the world.


By providing high-quality products and services for people with diabetes and other chronic diseases to help them improve their life quality.


Leading diabetes management expert in China and BGM expert in the world.


Awarded "2018 China Best Employer Enterprises Award"


Received medical device registration certificate and production approval in 2004. Passed ISO:13485 of EU TUV and received CE certificate in 2007.


Listed by Forbes as one of Asia's 200 "Best Under A Billion" Companies in 2015 as the biggest BGMS production facility in Asia.


Acquired the world's sixth blood glucose meter enterprise. Entered the leading camp of BGMS in the world.


Sinocare Lu Valley Biosensor Manufacturing Facility, located in Changsha National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, was launched in 2013. With around 66,000 m2 gross area, our factory has become the biggest Blood Glucose Monitoring System (BGMS) production base in Asia.

  •     Our business covers 135 countries and regions in the world.
  •     More than 63% OTC share and 130,000 pharmacies in China.
  •     Our products include blood glucose, blood lipids, blood ketone, glycosylated hemoglobin(HbA1c), uric acid, and other diabetes indicators.


As one of the demonstration projects of the National Biomedical Engineering High-Tech Industrialization Program, Sinocare received financial support from the National Innovation Fund several times and passed ISO: 13485 quality management system certification and European CE certificate in 2007.


In the last 21 years, our accurate, affordable, and simple-to-use blood glucose monitoring systems have been well received by all segments of customers across China, with more than 50% of the diabetes self-monitoring population using Sinocare products. We can proudly claim that we have successfully educated and promoted blood glucose self-monitoring for people with diabetes in China.


However, owning a blood glucose monitoring system is only the first step. To achieve the goal of controlling blood glucose levels effectively, people with diabetes need to learn how to test blood glucose, when to test, how frequently to test, and what to do with the data. Besides, how diet and exercise impact the individual blood glucose level needs to be considered as part of the equation as well. To help people with diabetes to understand all the important aspects of diabetes management fully aligns with our goal, "From Blood Glucose Meter Promotor to Diabetes Management Expert".


This goal motivates everyone at Sinocare: we have delivered blood glucose monitoring systems with more advanced technologies, we have developed multi-analyte analyzers to provide more information about diabetes, and we have developed a hospital diabetes management platform to close the loop between doctors, patients, dieticians, and diabetes educators. Ultimately, we are going to form a diabetes management eco-system and provide a solution to improve the quality of life for people with diabetes, simplify the interactions between healthcare providers and patients, and improve the healthcare economy for our society.