What Should People with High Uric Acid Do at Home 2021?

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People are able to enjoy various foods with the improving living standard. Yet, it seems that people's dietary habits become gradually unhealthy and unreasonable, particularly in the middle-aged. Following the high incidence of hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia, high uric acid has become another factor to threaten people's health.

Uric acid is characterized by a disorder of the metabolism of purine substances in the human body, leading the uric acid in the blood to surge. If high uric acid cannot be well-controlled, it will result in gout to a large extent. The cause of high uric acid in the body is nothing more than less excretion of uric acid and increased production. Besides, part of the waste in the body comes from purines in food.

A way to test uric acid levels in your blood
On the one hand, regular testing is particularly important in diet, activities and medication management. The product, Sinocare Blood Glucose Uric Acid Meter, can be used for your test. Its simple as well as accurate testing help you get exact and fast results in an easy manner with a High-contrast LCD display. The advanced electrode strips are able to avoid interference from blood oxygen variations and give you the assurance of accurate test results each time.
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Food factors
On the other hand, people should keep in mind what people can and can't eat.

People with high uric acid should avoid beer in that the purine content in beer is relatively high, coupled with alcohol. A certain amount of lactic acid will be produced following it. Therefore, the excretion of uric acid will be reduced, which may form crystals and aggravate the symptoms.

Animal offal should be avoided eating. Despite these foods contain nutrients needed by the human body, people with high uric should strictly control intakes, preventing the uric acid from soaring and allowing gout to happen. It is advised not to drink the soup made of beef and mutton due to the high purine content in the soup.

Although vegetables are helpful for digestion, people are unable to eat spinach, which is rich in the trace elements such as iron and calcium. If people with high uric acid enjoy it, the uric acid in the body will continue to rise, boasting the risks of gout even more serious symptoms.
food for people with high uric acid sinocare
The fourth is the food with high sugar. Following entering the human body, it will not only increase the content of uric acid and the blood glucose level. Drinking green tea is appreciated to promote the excretion of uric acid and control uric acid.

So what kinds of foods can people with high uric acid eat?
Milk is the first choice. Milk contains more high-quality protein and calcium, as well as rich lactic acid protein. Properly drinking can help promote the excretion of uric acid. The middle-aged are encouraged to drink milk due to the fact that their body's bones and calcium are constantly being lost.

Though chrysanthemum boasts a special taste, it can effectively reduce the content of uric acid in the body and neutralize uric acid, helping people lower uric acid as well as blood pressure.

What's more, people with high uric acid also need to exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. Regular exercise can promote blood circulation and metabolism so that the uric acid in the body can be metabolized in time.

Make sure that people with high uric acid are consuming food with less purine content. Regular body exercise should not be ignored. A self-test at home with the uric acid meter is a must. Once there is something confused, it's better to consult professionals at the hospital.

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