6 Tips For Type 2 Diabetes to Repair Islet Function to Achieve Stable Blood Sugar

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A person suffering from diabetes is like entering a vicious circle of falling down:  On the one hand, a low level of insulin secreted by the pancreas, the amount secreted into the blood increases as the blood glucose rises, on the other hand, high blood sugar will further damage the islet, aggravating the lack of insulin secretion.

Prolonged high blood sugar can damage nerves and organs and result Complications.

The only way for type 2 Diabetics to keep blood sugar stable and away from complicationsis allowing the islet to enter a benign state of interaction with blood sugar. 

01. Control total Calorie intake and islet Protection

During the prevention and control of the 19-Covid, Director Hongwen Zhang, Put forward the statement that could not drink porridge in the morning, which subverted the Chinese traditional food concept, which has caused widespread discussion among the people, and even Diametrically opposed. Behind this incident is the unreasonable Chinese of the diet, unreasonable to take for granted, can not accept the new point of view.

Compared with healthy people, Diabetics are better able to understand Director Zhang's point of view. Because  drinking porridge on the sugar friend's side is unhealthy eating habits, absorption fast, sugar rises fast, resulting in high blood sugar after meals.

High blood sugar will stimulate islet cells to secrete insulin too much, and high blood sugar will make the body's tissues less sensitive to insulin, increase the burden of islet, further aggravate the damage to islet function, and ultimately make islet β cell secretion function again decreased.

Of course, maintaining the stability of blood sugar after a meal is not so simple as not drinking porridge. The most important thing is to control the total daily calorie intake, and according to this value, spread over three or more meals, to prepare the Healthy dietary structure.

The Premise of Repair islet functions is don't overload islet ability.

02. Lose Extra Weight & Reduce Insulin Resistance

Diabetes has also been named in other districts: sugar fat, enough to see the link between obesity and diabetes. In contrast, weight loss has become the key to reducing insulin resistance.

Being overweight causes insulin resistance because fat cells are too large to affect the sensitivity of tissues and organs to insulin, which is inefficient and can lead to high levels of glucose in the blood.

High blood sugar level will cause insulin to over-secrete insulin, over time, islet overburdened, in addition to insulin resistance, there will be islet function impaired, insulin secretion is insufficient.

Weight loss is generally diet and exercise at the same time, keep strictly with diet  and do more Exercise.

03. Keep Mental Health Help Blood Sugar Stability

Many people with type 2 Diabetes will reflect that they are in a state of anxiety, anger and other bad emotions, blood sugar will be relatively high, large fluctuations. This is not an illusion, but a normal reaction of the body.

When people are under high stress, the body's hormone levels rise, which increases the breakdown of liver sugar and so on, leading to higher blood sugar. And rising blood sugar forced the islet to work, accelerating islet failure.

Maintaining a comfortable, calm mental state and reducing mood swings are necessary conditions for stable blood sugar.

04. Reduce Insulin Resistance with Medical Treatment

There is a saying during Diabetes Drug is poison, do not eat. But in fact, as long as the side effects of the drug are clearly controllable and acceptable, it is good.

In the course of the treatment of type 2 diabetes, sugar-lowering drugs are of great significance, and some drugs can reduce insulin resistance and increase the body's sensitivity to insulin. Bisformin, pyroidone, a-glucosidase inhibitors all have this effect.

Type 2 Diabetics must remember: take medicine not just to lower blood sugar, or to protect your islet.

05. Medical Treatment Reasonable To Repair Islet Cells β Cells

Research shows that islet β cell function is lost by half when type 2 diabetes is diagnosed, and that sugar friends become more dependent on insulin and sugar-lowering drugs as the course of the disease progresses.

But thankfully, islet cells β can be repaired, and the process is reversible. There are several drugs on the market that can repair islet β cell function and restore insulin secretion by β islet cells that stop secreting insulin.

These drugs are GLP-1 subjector atrial atrium, depetide-based peptide enzyme-4 (DPP-4) inhibitors, sodium glucose cotransport protein 2 (SGLT2) inhibitors, etc. Sugar friends can also take the initiative to mention this need when a doctor gives a medication plan.

06. Blood Sugar Monitoring Help Understanding State of the Blood Sugar

When you feel unwell at home, Determine your blood sugar levels through timely blood sugar monitoring.

07. How to Perform With the above 6 Tips

On the one hand, repair islet β cells, reactivate islet function, on the other hand, reduce insulin resistance. Such a process, in theory, could allow type 2 sugar friends to one day maintain a stable blood sugar without relying on drugs and close to islet function.

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