Can Diabetics Eat Crumpets?

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When you get a diagnosis of diabetes, you know you will have to pay attention to your diet more than anything else. At the same time, you want to still be able to eat foods you love. If one of those foods is crumpets, are they off the menu for good? Or can you still have them?

The good news is that it is still possible to eat crumpets on a diabetic diet. Here’s how to best do so.

What are Crumpets made of?

Crumpets are a type of bread cooked on a griddle that is made from a mixture of flour, yeast, water or milk, and some form of sugar. They are similar to muffins (or what is known in the United States as an English muffin) but are made with batter, like a pancake, instead of the typical bread dough. [1]

Carbs, Calories, and other Nutrients in Crumpets (White Flour)

Crumpets, like all bread and pasta products, are high in carbohydrates (carbs). One crumpet recipe available online reports that one crumpet has 122 calories, no fat, 25g carbs, and 4g protein. [2]  Someone who is simply counting calories can easily fit one crumpet into their daily diet, but anyone watching the carbs they consume might have a more difficult time.

Crumpets are often made with white flour or enriched flour. This flour is made from only one part of the wheat grain, the endosperm while removing the outer layers of bran and germ. [3]

How do Crumpets Affect My Blood Glucose Level?

All foods have what has known as a glycemic index (GI) rating. This is based on how much time it takes the food to raise your blood glucose levels. The glycemic index goes from 100 (pure glucose) to 0 (no noticeable effect on blood glucose levels). [4] Glycemic levels are most important to type 2 diabetics looking to manage their condition by diet, but it is also important to type 1 diabetics. [5]

Carbohydrates, like those found in crumpets, are used by the body as a source of glucose, which gives you energy. Even diabetics need to have a certain amount of carbohydrates every day to get that energy. Crumpets have what is called starchy carbohydrates, which are carbs made up of many different sugar molecules. Because of this, they provide more energy over a long period of time than foods that contain only one type of sugar. [6]

Different brands of crumpets may vary in glycemic index rating. The University of Sydney (Australia)’s Glycemic index database has crumpets listed with a GI rating of 70. [7] This is considered a high rating, so crumpets raise your blood glucose quickly.

Tips for Crumpets Substitution with Diabetes

If you are concerned that even the occasional crumpet might make your blood glucose levels too high, there are ways to make them have less of an impact. These include:

Eat with a Smaller Portion

A simple way to cut down on the GI index of any food is to eat less of it. While the GI will stay the same, you’ll consume fewer carbs overall, and your blood glucose will be up for a shorter period of time.

Eat with Vegetables

The average glycemic level of a food is only the number when it is eaten by itself. Even foods that have a high GI level can have a lower overall effect on blood sugar if they are eaten with other kinds of foods. [8] Most vegetables have a high amount of fiber, which slows down increases in blood sugar. Vegetables are also mostly low in calories, which means you can eat more of them without having to restrict other foods afterward.

Eat before Exercising

Since glucose is used by the body for energy, a good way to lower the overall effect of a high carb/GI index food is to exercise after eating. Physical activity lowers blood glucose levels. [9] Eating something with carbohydrates, like crumpets, before exercise can prevent your blood sugar from going too low during any activity. [10]

Opt for Whole Grain Foods

Whole grain foods – those made with the entire grain instead of just part of it – have an overall lower GI level than those made from part of the grain. This is because the outer layers of the grain provide the fiber that lowers the GI level. [11] Look for crumpets where the first ingredient is whole-grain flour instead of enriched flour. Or buy whole grain flour and make your own.


Is Putting the Cheese Top Makes Crumpets Healthier for Diabetics?

Cheese has lots of both calcium and protein, which are both good for diabetics. Protein also lowers the overall GI level of meals. So cheese may be a good option for your crumpet. However, cheese can also be very high in fat, so make sure to choose a low-fat option. [12]

Can Type 1 Diabetic Eat Crumpets?

Type 1 diabetics can eat crumpets just like anyone else. But because of their high GI rating, it is best to use some of the strategies above to keep your blood sugar levels stable.

What Should I do if a small piece of Crumpet Spikes my Blood Sugar?

If eating only a small part of a crumpet raises your blood sugar to unacceptable levels, you have several options if you want to eat them again. Add protein to them, like topping them with nuts or cheese, eat them and then go to get some exercise, or try the whole-grain crumpet instead. Adjusting your insulin levels should only be done under the supervision of your doctor.

Final Thoughts

Diabetes doesn’t mean you have to give up all your favorite foods. Even something as carb-dense as crumpets can still be worked into your diet if you plan carefully. Use some of the recommendations above to best enjoy your crumpets while still keeping to your diet.


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