Vom avea fiecare diabetic cu propriul sistem de monitorizare a glicemiei

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[50pcs] Sinocare Blood Glucose Test Strips & Lancets

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    Sinocare Blood Glucose Test Strips and Lancets

    Package included:

    50 x Test strips  

    50 x Lancets


    1, Please check carefully whether your meter and test strips match.

    2, Please run out of the bottled test strips within 6 months once you open it.  


    Don't know which meter you have?

    Don't worry, you can match your own meter here.

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    Warm Tips :

    • Affected moderately by the environment humidity, the measured value will fluctuate by 15%, which is normal. Please try to store the test strips in an environment with a humidity <80% to improve accuracy.
    • Remove a new test strip within the valid expiration of the vial. After taking the strip, immediately cover the vial to avoid losing efficiency.
    • Insert test strip into the slot of the strip, The test strip is suggested to use in 3 minutes.
    • Write the discard date (6 months after opening the vial) on the vial label when you open it for the first time. Discard the remaining test strips after the discard date.
    • The test strips are for individual use only. Never reuse a test strip that has applied blood.
    • Please don't store this blood glucose kit where it's too hot or too cold.
    • Keeping your fingers clean, wipe the first drop of blood away with a clean tissue, test with the second drop of blood, which is less likely to be contaminated when using the testing kit.
    • Adjust the depth of your lancing device according to your skin thickness when testing blood sugar.
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