Hello, everyone!

Thanks so much for being interested in the giveaway. The bottom picture shows how to get one Sinocare glucose meter for free. Moreover, please read following Sinocare introduction if you happen to have 1 minute. It also helps you to understand why we are running this giveaway. Thanks.

Who we are? At the very begining, in 2002, Sinocare is created by a small group of professionals, who aims to let every diabete have their own glucose meter. With the hope that diabetes can monitor their glucose at home. After 18 years' hard work, Sinocare now occupying more than 50% of the Chinese market share, and now services more than 136 countries worldwide. In the coming future Sinocare is dedicated to be Chronic Disease Management Specialist worldwide. Sinocare will be the leading diabetes management expert in China and BGM (Blood Glucose Monitor) expert in the world. We hope being acquainted by more people through this campaign. Hope all of you enjoy the giveaway. Thanks again. 

Please send email to  if you have any doubts.

Sinocare giveaway

It's simple! Just send phrase 'join Sinocare giveaway' and the above pic to 8 facebook groups about diabetes, and then send 8 screenshots of the record to We will arrange the shipping and other things. And when you receive the blood glucose kit, you should share it on your social media, like facebook, instagram, youtube and so on. You can post the picture or video about the product and your feelings or feedback after using. After the posting, please @ our official ID