Fathers Day Campaign: Write Your Story and Get a Voucher

The Sinocare community expects you to share your story about your father (or as a father) here.

For anyone who is leaving their beautiful memories, good inspirations, exciting moments, or even a simple thank you message to your dad, we will offer an $8 voucher for the designated products.

Step 1: Go to the bottom of this page to check the most remarkable stories and leave your own.(Here we go!)

Step 2: Go back with the voucher code, and use it for one of the following:

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Featured Stories from You

Haris M*
My dad is the most prominent man in my world. He teaches me everything which forms the most incredible thing in me. Thank you, dad!
Sara W*
My dad taught me the most important thing: don't trust my inner feelings when things get tricky. I have to calm down and make a slow decision. I still remember that advice, and it helped me get over countless crises in my life.
Ahmed H*
Last year my dad is diagnosed with diabetes, and I bought a safe ACCU to him. At first, he refused to prick his fingers again and again. I was unable to persuage him to test his glucose level daily. Later on, during one family reunion, his father (my grandpa) had a long talk with him. I didn’t know what they said, but he has been using the blood glucose monitor regularly since then. What I want to say is that the power of a father is sometimes greater than that of a child, lol. Happy fathers day, Tim, and Abdul.
William S*
Dad, you will never see this message here, but I want to tell you that you are important in my (and my brother’s) life. I appreciate what you and mom have done for me. Thanks!
Rodelyn P*
My SuperDad I am very thankful that we have a father like you. You support us despite in our hard living you didn't loose hope you are very hardworking every single day just to make money to feed us your family. No words can express how much I LOVE YOU. I am wishing you always to have good health and long life to live because I want you to see and witness my Wedding Ceremony in the future walking in the Aisle together with you and mom. Sooner I will be back home with my own family to see you dad. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to my SuperDad🦸hoping to win this Sinocare Safe- Accu kit because I want to monitor also your health it is a big help for you to monitor your health condition. I love you so much Dad.